About Maya

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About Maya

Throughout my life I have always felt a NEED to explore and try new things. All I have ever wanted to do is travel. Until my mid-twenties, I had not yet encountered many who felt similar. Traveling the world felt unattainable and seemed to be perceived as impractical. My parent’s ingrained in me that I must first get a college degree, (which I am happy about, because it enabled me to do what I love anywhere I am) then I could do whatever I pleased.

After graduating with a degree in Elementary Education, I still did not feel grounded in one place. I never felt at home where I was. I started to feed into the famous quote, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” Until one day I found out this quote changed, as many things do, and that’s when I began to believe that we MUST nurture the side we are on and where ever we are, it can be just as green, and possibly even greener!

This was when I was introduced to Maya’s Mountain.

YOUR very own Mountain of LIFE

My mother drew a mountain representing my life. She said something along the lines of…”Some people choose to go the direct, more comfortable path..but YOU get to choose. It is okay if you choose to go this way or that way, and explore every corner…your path does not have to be like anyone else’s.” My father then restated an awesome quote in his words, “Follow the path that gives you the most bliss.”

This now wrinkled sheet of paper has accompanied me on all my major travels, reminding me to accept myself and my decisions, and most importantly ENJOY the journey along the way.

Naturally, I have chosen the pink winding path…

Maya's Mountain

Find your UNIQUE path

After many years of traveling throughout North America and Europe, studying and working with children in the Middle East-while living on a kibbutz in Israel, earning my Masters degree in Special Education in London, completing a yoga for children and adults with special needs training in Spain, saying “YES” to go on random trips anywhere, and staying positive through the ups and downs, I am now ready and excited to share what I have learned, and what I am continuing to learn with the world.

All the photos you will find on my site are a glimpse of special moments taken by me. I may add quotes here and there from people I have met during my journey or from an inspirational juncture along the way.

The aim of Travel Your Heart Happy is to motivate and inspire you to follow YOUR dreams, find your UNIQUE path, and do what makes you HAPPY!

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Travel Your Heart Happy is dedicated to the most positive person I have ever met, my role model, my grandma.